Price List

Life in general is getting more and more hectic.

That’s why at OvenCleanersSurrey we have a very uncomplicated pricing menu - no hidden VAT and no hidden extras. What we quote is what you pay. We even publish our prices on our website which means you don’t have to ring us to get a quote!

Our price includes cleaning all the bits originally supplied with the Oven i.e. Silver oven racks, door glass & Grill trays. We even replace standard bulbs in the oven if they don’t work, free of charge (as long as we have one in the van), so you can see how clean your oven is after we leave!

Standard Oven Size:

 Single Oven Clean  £45
 Single Oven Pack (includes Single Oven, Hob and Extractor)  £60 (save £15)
 Double Oven Clean  £60
 Double Oven Pack (includes Double Oven, Hob and Extractor)  £75 (save £15)
 Extractor Cleaning  £15
 Cooker Hob Cleaning  £15


Range Size:

 90cm Range Ovens (includes all ovens/grill & warming trays)  £70
 Cooker Hob Clean  £20
 Extractor Fan Cleaning  £20
 90cm Range / Stove Cleaning Package all of the above  £90 (save £20)
 110cm Range Ovens (includes all ovens/grill & warming trays)  £90
 110cm Cooker Hob Clean  £20
 1100mm Extractor Fan Cleaning  £20
 Range Extractor Hood Cleaner  £20
 110cm Range / Stove Cleaner package all of the above  £110 (save £20)



 2 Door Aga / Rayburn Cleaning  £100
 3 Door Aga / Rayburn Clean  £115
 4 Door Aga / Rayburn Cleaning  £125
 Side modules etc please call for quote.  


Additional Items:

 Microwaves  £20
 Combo Microwaves  £22
 BBQ Racks Cleaned  £5
 BBQ Cleaning  Please call for quote


Tips on oven cleaning / maintenance whilst we are having a cup of Tea/Coffee with you.....Free.....(ps we like hob nobs!!!)

If you have any queries at all, please ring OvenCleanersSurrey on 07768 256747 and let us help